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Pharmacology is the study of the therapeutic value and/or potential toxicity of chemical agents on biological systems. It targets every aspect of the mechanisms for the chemical actions of both traditional and novel therapeutic agents. Two important and interrelated areas are: pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics.

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it is a wonderful, unique, supportive place filled with brilliant, interesting and, yes, fun people. I don't think many other schools can offer the sense of community that the residential college system fosters, or support their students with as much funding, resources and advice. Professors and students alike truly care about one another, which leads to a strong sense of collaborative discourse, and a marked lack of competition. Certainly everyone is driven, but it rubs off in a positive way; I can distinctly recall being so inspired and impressed by the quality of my peers' work. I've often heard said that you go to Yale to not only learn from the best professors, but to learn from the best peers possible.