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Hi, I am Paul. I play soccer and I am legally blind. (I can see fine!)

September 1

Hope I make the team. I am pretty good at soccer..... not to brag...... I think I am better than most of the kids :) I am a bit embarrased but yet glad to say I made some friends.... hehe


Jjjoey22 - You are pretty good. Think you will make it.

AmazingAnthony - I'll be glad to watch you go down in flames. #fail

August 21

I just took a tour of school. I am not too sure about this.....


BestSoccerMomEVER - Sweetie you will be fine. -Mom

FootballDaddy32 - Maybe you should do football? Maybe do a real sport?

August 18

I just moved. I hope the soccer team at my new school is good, ugh. School starts soon. Maybe I will make friends?


ErikFootball - Haha little squirt. Maybe you should play football?

AmazingAnthony - Same as above, Lol.