S.W.A.T. Time!!!

4th and 5th Graders to start SWAT this Sunday!!!

What is S.W.A.T.?

I'm glad you asked! S.W.A.T. stands for Serving With Action and Time. These 4th and 5th graders will have opportunities to not only be engaged in awesome, relevant, (and fun!) Bible study, but they will also have the opportunity to put these lessons to use through quarterly service projects.

What happens in S.W.A.T. at Eastridge Community Church?

1. SWAT Lessons:

The lessons in SWAT are based on real questions often asked by 10-12 yr. olds. Your child will learn how to search the Bible for answers and build a faith foundation that guides wise choices. The SWAT teachers will help your student plunge into the Bible and find answers to big questions about relationships, faith, and choices.

2. SWAT Serving Opportunities:

Time to put God's Word into action! Every 5th Sunday (which occurs once a quarter), your child will have the FANTASTICAL opportunity to join in a service project that will be tailored to bless and benefit the Body of Christ, missionary partners, or our community. This will give your child a chance to learn how to serve others and play an active role in the Body of Christ. Some of life's most valuable lessons become relevant only when kids have to apply them!

Another opportunity is to join the E-Town Worship Team! This WONDERMOUS team of kiddos meets every 2nd Monday and every 4th Sunday of the month to learn about worship, to pray together, to learn new worship songs, and to practice, practice, practice in order to lead our E-Towners in the praise and worship of our Good and Gracious God! They also have a BLAST serving during the week of VBS! There is an application process for this team, so if your child is interested in "getting their groove on for Jesus", please contact Stephanie Akiyama to learn about how!

3. Building Relationships with Others:

SWAT is a SUPER place for your child to meet new friends and grow in his/her relationship with old friends. At the beginning of every SWAT lesson there is community time and a fun opening game that not only brings LOTS of laughter, but forms bonds between the SWAT members. At the end of every SWAT lesson there is time for sharing prayer requests and praying together which further strengthens the bonds of friendship in this setting.

August in S.W.A.T

We will be starting a new series entitled "Back 2 School". These lessons speak Biblically and frankly to issues that our preteens are facing now and will be facing during the coming years.

August 3 - "Peer Pressure" - When you face peer pressure, take a stand for what you know is right.

August 10 - "Power of Our Words" - Use your words to build others up, not tear them down.

August 17 - "Respect for Authority" - When you show respect to those in authority, you are showing respect to God.

August 24 - "Forgiveness" - Forgive others the way God has forgiven us.

August 31 - Serve Sunday!!! Details to come!

How You Can Help