Summer Offerings

TTESS Related Professional Development

TTESS Related Professional Development (Optional)

This summer I am offering professional development on our campus that could help you plan and have materials for a TTESS driven classroom. We will focus on student-centered activities that take you out of the driver's seat, and put the students in control of their learning.

Workin' Wednesdays

The 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of June and July I will offer sessions from 9 'til 12.

These dates and sessions are:

June 8th - TTESS Planning "What is Going On?"

A look at the 1st TTESS Domain

June 22nd - Interactive Notebooks (Introduction and Set-Up)

We start with a blank notebook, and you will get to know the bones of INBs and start thinking about and making your own

July 13th - Keeping up with all the Data (Formal/ Informal)

This day will help you set up your records to keep tract of all that formal and informal data.

TUESDAY July 26th - Interactive Notebooks (Make and Take)

Bring your 1st Six Weeks IFD, and together we will build what you need for the INBs the 1st six weeks.

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