Pirate Update

Live, Laugh, Learn the Pirate Way!

Pirate Families,

Today we kicked off the Final Exam Schedule for the first semester. Thank you for your patience as we adjust and make sure we accommodate all students.

Here are reminders about Final Exams:

1. Teachers are expected to give an end of the semester assessment for each course. (unit projects, unit assessment or a comprehensive exam)

2. Due to staffing challenges and/or COVID related issues we have altered the original plan. (Comprehensive exams will only help improve your grade or replace the lowest assessment of the semester. Students enrolled in an AP or Dual Credit course will proceed with normal testing expectations. There are some staff that decided to give a unit assessment instead of a comprehensive final, therefore students' scores will be recorded as normal.)

3. If a student is quarantined during final exams, please contact your teachers and work out a time to either make up the exam (Jan.4th/5th) or take the exam during the scheduled time of the exam.

4. If a student is home for personal reasons please reach out to their teachers to find an appropriate time to make up the exams. (Jan.4th/5th are the make-up dates for final exams.)

Lastly, we understand this is a challenging end of the semester and we want to accommodate everyone. Please reach out to your student's administrator if you have a unique circumstance and need support. Our staff is prepared to provide exams online if necessary in the future given any sudden change in plans. We appreciate you being flexible and partnering with us as we end the semester strong.

Extremely Proud Principal,

Dr. Jones