Aunt Elda Beer's Lab

Rebecca Waldner

Beer's Law

Beer's Law pertains to the amount of light that travels through the substance.

Why was the lab performed?

The CSI team needed to figure out what the percentage of the anesthesia was in the solution that was given to Aunt Elda. The legal limit of anesthesia is 40%. We needed the test results to say either under 40%, 40%, or over 40%. If it is over 40% then it is more than likely that anesthesia killed Aunt Elda. If it is under 40% or right at 40% it probably isn't what killed her and that it was most likely death by natural causes. What we found was that Aunt Elda's anesthesia was over the legal limit, it was a 46% solution. So more than likely it is the amount of anesthesia that killed her and probably not natural causes.

Back Ground Information

Aunt Elda had a surgery and had to be put under anesthesia. She passed away during the surgery. We needed to find out if she passed away from too much anesthesia or if it was from a different cause. We found out that the maximum amount of anesthesia anybody is supposed to receive is 40%. We need to measure out different percentages of solute and see which is closest to Aunt Elda's percentage of anesthesia.

The CSI team is here to figure out if the amount of anesthesia was over the legal limit and if that is was what killed Aunt Elda or not. The legal limit of anesthesia is a 40% solution. There was a portion of the solution left behind for the CSI team to test and see what percentage of a solution it is.

How to Make a 30% solution

  1. you have 70% of your solvent (7 mL of water)
  2. and 30% of your solute(3 mL of anesthesia)
  3. mix
  4. now you have a 30% solution