Rose Greenhow

Confederate spy: Ergi Elmas

Her Story

Rose Greenhow came from the south. She later joined the south to fight as a confederate spy. She brought out information to everyone and later was under house arrest by Pinkerton after they found out that she might've been a confederate spy. She used her daughter who was 10 at the time to send out information to the south because she could not leave her house. This continued for a long time. After a while she finally got off of house arrest, shortly after Rose Greenhow was found dead off of a boat.

How did she impact the War?

Rose Greenhow impacted the war a lot in many ways. She impacted the war by causing tensions between the two sides and causing one side to win the war. Rose impacted the war because she brought out information that made the south mad which cause tensions. Another way she did that was by causing the Confederates to fall back and think about how bad they were and that they couldn't win the war. She also impacted the war by causing the North to win this caused a lot of tensions because it gave them power and made them feel tat that they can win the next battle.

Pictures Of Rose Greenhow

How was she important

Rose Greenhow was very important because she made a lot of turning points during the war. She also caused a lot of tensions and made each side feel a certain way. She was important because she gave out really important information which later caused a turning point during the war and made the south win the first major battle. She was also very important because not only did she have an impact on the war but she had an impact on both sides she made each side feel a certain way. For example because she made the south win the war, she made the south feel powerful and the north feel powerless. She also caused tensions because of the information that she was giving out. Overall she was a very important person during war