Getting to know Lineville

By: Izzy Rizzo


Hey and Hola,do you know how different Lineville is from your old school? Well now you will found out,all you have to do is keep reading this awesome S'more!!

Outside of class


Lockers aren't to bad here at Lineville ,all you have to do is practice and be positive. The first thing you have to do is memorize it,I did in t when I was in line for lunch or I'm bored. If you do that for 3 days you will be great. Then you have to go left right left,your first number would be left ,then for your second number you have to go right and past 0 once then do your number,finally do left agin. Next you have pull with just enough might to get your lock open. Finally there's a locker clean out on Fridays at the end of teamtime. Hope you will do good with your locker and don't worry I'm sure you'll be amazing at it.


A lot of the things are the same in the halls here at Lineville,just like at your old school. The first thing is,you have to walk on the right side of the hall(same same I know). Another rule is,that you have to be zero on the red tape,the tape is red duct tape in the middle of the floor and also goes vertical,but there is also blue tape which means you have to be a level one or a wispier. Then there is also more than 1 class so you would have to switch. To go along with that,you have a 4 minute passing time in between classes. Finally you don't have a teacher following you around,but you can have that happen if you can't control the privilege so be good. Hope you learned a lot about the halls at Lineville.



We have some cool ways to celebrate good behavior and some disaplane for bad behavior too.

GOOD behavior

First,are good behaviors and when you have that a lot you may get a incentives for the whole school like a dance party, but there is house incentives to like ice cream sundaes. Then we have acknowledgment cards so when you get 30 of them you get prizes like a late homework pass so say you forgot to do your homework you turn that in the past and you have a extra day to do it.

BAD behavior

Next the bad behaviors way we do here are noons where if you don't get your homework done you get it done there but if you just need help you can go there to. Finally there is MASH where if its really bad you stay after school. oh and there is also minors and majors just like you may have at your school now.Hope you get a lot of the positive behaviors not the bad ones,good luck.



You can have a cool lunch at Lineville, so hope you're hungry. First I need to tell you that you can have commons where lunch is served and you eat in the commons too and where nothing changes you get the same meal every day. Then there is district where the lunch changes every week and that is by the office. Next you can only have 8 people to a table and you can't bring up chairs or move tables. Finally you can get al a cart and you can get

  • cookies

  • pretzels and nacho cheese

  • snapple

  • water

  • bagels and cream cheese

  • chips,pudding

  • granola bars

  • fruit snacks

  • juice

Hope you can chose a healthy and amazing lunch every day.


Gym is similar to your elementary schools,but there are some that are different.


First one of the things that are different is the locker rooms where you have to change into athletic shorts and a tee shirts and you need your name on it and a bag to carry your clothing. Next there are some different units like swimming,archery and DARE.


Then there are some same things like you need tenishose for class. Finally some of the units are the same like soccer and basketball. Hope you will like the new gym here.


See I told you there's a lot of differences. Hey you'll do fine just like I did. Now bey hasta la lavista!!
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