Cheyenne's Way of Life

By: Peyton.W, Kamille, Abigail and Lauren


  • The Cheyenne never wasted any part of the buffalo, the meat and guts were considered food and the liver was used for baskets and bags.
  • hide was used for shelter and clothing sometimes shields if hardened.
  • bones were made into tools such as arrow heads harpoons and shovels.
  • teeth were used for jewelry as a part of a religious belief.
  • the hooves were grinded into smithereens mixed with a type of liquid making glue, and they were used to make raddles, [ a type of instruments ].
  • horns were made into spears , cups , and spoons.


  • Women wore deerskin dresses and high boots in the winter
  • Women wore deerskin skirts in the summer
  • Men wore leather leggings and moccasins
  • Men also wore deerskins because when they hunted they needed to run and fight and to help make that easier they wore light weight deerskin
  • The main hides the Cheyenne wore were elk, buffalo, and deer
By: Peyton W.

Cheyenne Food

*At first the Cheyenne hunted deer and planted crops such as corn, beans, and squash.

* Once they moved to the plains they got horses and became buffalo hunters.

* They gave up farming and started trading with other tribes.

* The Cheyenne traded their animal hides with other tribes for their corn, beans, tobacco, and fruit.

* They followed the buffalo wherever they went, so when the buffalo moved so did they.

* The men did most of the hunting, but when the women did take part in the hunt they would drive the buffalo towards the men, then scare the buffalo into a specific direction, the men would wait for the buffalo to come their way

Cheyennnes homes

  • The Cheyenne's homes were called tepees
  • Used buffalo hides and poles
  • Tepees were easy to make and take down on their frequent moves
  • Moved around a lot and did not stay in the same place year round
  • All different sizes
  • Format and shape was very simple
  • Decorated with different symbols on the outside of their tepee
  • They made these because they were nomadic
  • Kept them cool in the summer and warm in the winter
By: Kamille
Cheyenne Indians


In the end, we learned that the Cheyenne tribe had a very unique lifestyle. They used animals and natural resources for everything, such as the plentiful buffalo for homes,

tools and clothing, and they used the crops for eating and making medicines.


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