Bangladesh War of 1971

By: Sophia Mitchell

The Bangladesh War of 1971 was a war between West Pakistan which is now Pakistan and East Pakistan which is now Bangladesh. The war lasted about 9 months. Bangladesh wanted independence from Pakistan. The war was about the idea that Muslims and Hindus from India could not live together in the same country. An estimated 10 million East Pakistani civilians fled to India. India then invaded East Pakistan in support of their people. The Pakistani army surrendered and had more than 90,000 Pakistani men became Indian prisoners of war after the surrender. Then East Pakistan became the independent country of Bangladesh on September and December 16, 1971. That exact number of people killed during this war was unclear but many, many lives were lost during the war. The war was hard on many of the Pakistani people. "It was terrifying, I had to leave everything behind" -Yvonne Mascarenhas. Yvonne was 1of millions who had to flee from Pakistan. It was hard on almost everyone living in east and west Pakistan. They all picked what was essential to them and left everything else behind. They had to turn to India for help for survival and switch counties until the war was over. The war brought death to many citizens and soldiers, but in the end Bangladesh became its own country.