BCS Framework Forum

September 2016

“Literacy is a bridge from misery to hope.” ~Kofi Annan

Greetings BCS Literacy Leaders~

...and welcome to a brand new school year! Your literacy coaches have pooled their resources to bring you a monthly bulletin on the latest in literacy and the BCS Instructional Framework. Each post will include specific strategies and examples of those practices at work throughout our county.

Have a successful practice you'd like to share? Let one of us know, and you might find yourself featured here on our Framework Forum!

What are this year's magic words?? Formative Assessment!

Hey you coaches out there! If you saw one of your players performing a skill incorrectly(covering the throw, blocking, boxing out, transitioning, etc.), when would you correct it - on the spot or four days later just before the game? I'm assuming you said, "Right then, duh!" Practice doesn't make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect.

Then why would we do any differently when students perform a skill incorrectly or misunderstand a concept? Why wait? Fix it quickly before it snowballs!

How you ask?

Featured Strategy - The trusty Exit Slip:

Quick, easy snapshot of what your students learned and can now do (or not) from that day's class. Most effective when they are directly tied to your learning targets.

The Challenge: leaving yourself a window of time at the end of class for students to complete it thoughtfully.

The Payoff: You get a real-time view of what your students did or didn't "get" with time to correct before misunderstandings or misconceptions snowball.

Upcoming District Events

September 21 ~ LIFT: Literacy through the Instructional Framework Training

For all BT1s

October 4 ~ LITT: Literacy Institute Teacher Training.

Calling all Teacher Leaders! Join the second cohort of our Literacy Institute Teachers and learn how to be a literacy leader in your building and district. Contact your literacy coach to claim your spot! Click here for the flyer!