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Highlighted Event - Transforming Hearts Seminar and Training Coming Soon to our Region!

**Due to a conflict the seminar is being rescheduled. Look for the new dates in a future newsletter! In preparation for this event we want to share a little more about what to expect. Here are some key points that Leroy and Jeanne Dillon of Transforming Hearts want you to know about:


  • How to communicate from your heart
  • How to become best friends with your spouse
  • How to reach the hearts of your children
  • How to become free in all of your relationships


  • Healing of personal wounds
  • Resolution of anger, bitterness, abuse and generational issues
  • Freedom from rejection, emotional pain and abandonment
  • Deliverance from fears, depression, negative thinking, stress & anxiety
  • Freedom from the bondage of immorality and addictions

Visit the Transforming Hearts website HERE

Prayer Resource Center

By Judy Trent-Whitnack

Ever enter a room and find yourself unmistakably aware of a negatively charged atmosphere? An old saying describes it this way: The (emotion such as fear, anger or tension) was so thick that you could cut it with a knife!" Not the best greeting!

What we release matters. It impacts those around us and the situations we encounter. God is very clear that we are to release a blessing rather than a curse even when someone is cursing us. Why? Because blessings call forth the beauty of God's original design and His Kingdom, while cursing reinforces the strongholds of darkness and...well...the wrong kingdom.

So the next time you feel like the room has the wrong "feel", ask the Lord how you can bless those around you. Follow through and enjoy watching the atmosphere supernaturally shift. Let it be said of us that we left the room in a better place than when we found it!

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