The Scientific Revolution

By: Mariel V. Period 3

What was the change?

It was a change in the way people viewed the world. From 1550 to 1700, Europe experienced a Scientific Revolution when new ideas in physics, astronomy, biology, anatomy changed the way Europeans viewed the natural world.

Who were the people associated with the change?

How did the change impact society at the time?

The scientific Revolution convenient boundary between ancient thought and also due to classical physics. Nicolaus Copernicus revived the heliocentric model of the solar system. This was also followed by the first known model of planetary motion given by Kepler back in the 17th century,which has also proposed that the planets followed elliptical orbits,with the sun at one of the focuses of ellipse.

How is that change evident in today's modern society?

The main change in our modern society has to be physics; science. Most of the many scientists had developed new tools and instruments to make the precise observations that the scientific method demanded. The one of the first microscope was invented by a Dutch maker of eyeglasses back in the 1590's. In the study of the one and only physical world have not only, influenced the field of science, but have also penetrated our everyday speech and how we see and interact with the world.
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