Safer Steam Powered Pump

Thomas Newcomen

How it works

Thomas Newcomen, developed a more efficient steam pump consisting of a cylinder that was filled with steam, a counter weighted pump plunger moved the piston to the extreme upper end of the stroke. With the admission of cooling water, the steam condensed, creating a vacuum. The atmospheric pressure in the mine acted on the piston and caused it to move down in the cylinder, and the pump plunger was lifted by the resulting force.

Why get a steam powered pump?

The pump drains water from coal mines with its revolutionary technology. This pump unlike other hand pumps uses steam to power to run. So that means there is no more waiting around for the time consuming and strenuous manual pump when you could be minning away. All because you decided to make the right decision by getting this pump. With this new machine it will increase your profits because you can get more coal in less time. So that means more coal for the same amount of working hours.

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