Transportation the Sustainable Way

Biobutanol is Changing the Way People Use Energy

Why Biobutanol is the Better Alternative

Where it is headed: Current researchers at Celtic Renewables and Scottish Enterprise are working to produce biobutanol from sustainable resources on an industrial scale.

Why it's the future of energy: Researchers see biobutanol as an energy source that will reduce transportation emissions and clean the environment one step at a time.

The EPA has released data showing that hydrocarbon, carbon monoxide, and nitrogen oxide releases can be drastically reduced by the use of biobutanol.


Biobutanol vs. Bioethanol

Biobutanol gives 30% more output power than ethanol and can run in unmodified engines with petrol. Biobutanol experiences a lower chance of separation and corrosion & resists water absorption.

As yield efficiencies rise, the cost of biobutanol will continue to drop, making it even more affordable than it is today.

Players in the Production of Biobutanol

Sovert • Butamax • Gevo • Cobalt Technologies • Green Biologics • Butyl Fuel LLC • Russian Technologies • Plantaonix • W2 Energy • ZeaChem • Energy Quest Supports the Continued Research and Funding of Biobutanol