Mrs. Hunter's Weekly News

Week of October 3, 2016 (Winfield RIV, Grade 4)

Winfield is #1 on MAP Test in Lincoln County!!! (Revised)

I was so excited and amazed, as I listened to all of the statistics being discussed, that I got one confused. Please see a better version of what your children accomplished below.

In case you have not already heard, last year's MAP test scores have been released by the state. The two most impressive statistics about these beautiful children of ours are:

1. We had more children score proficient / advanced than any other school district in Lincoln County.

2. We scored ABOVE the state average overall.

I am so proud to be a part of the Winfield team and a part of this amazing accomplishment. But, I have only been privileged enough to be here last year and this year. To those teachers, students, and especially parents who have supported this district and your children over the last several years... THANK YOU. You have done something amazing.

Parent Teacher Conferences

Conference time is fast approaching. Please find the sign-up sheet in the Smoke Signal this week. Fill it out and send it back to school as quickly as possible so that I can get us organized to talk about your child at a time that is convenient for you.

Reader's and Writer's Workshop

This week, while reading Tiger Rising, by Kate DiCamillo, we are working on developing ideas and theories about characters. We will be attempting to identify what the characters' motivations and desires are, and asking ourselves why they act the way they do. More importantly, the children will be asked to back up their ideas with real proof from the text. This is a huge jump between 3rd and 4th grade. In third grade, cool ideas and vague references to the book are enough. In 4th grade, the children have to create and defend thoughtful ideas about who their characters are and what they really want. Then they must back those theories up with real references from multiple places in the book.

The kids really enjoyed writing a class story last week. We will be revising, editing and illustrating it this week so that each child can bring a copy home. On Wednesday, the children will begin the work of planning to write their very own realistic fiction stories.


TEST: Thursday

We will finish up our unit on addition and subtraction this week. Wednesday is a review day, and Thursday is a test. You will find some review work on the back of the Parent Communication sheet in your child's white take-home binder. Feel free to use this to help your child study for the test.

The only big issue that I see among many children in class is when we have to borrow across several zeros while subtracting. This is still causing some mistakes. Otherwise, I am pleased with what the children can do.


TEST: Friday

We have a test on Friday. I know that marking up words can be confusing for parents if it is new to you. It is a fairly sophisticated way of addressing upper level phonics instruction. You can still help your child, however, by helping them to hear the number of syllables in the word and by helping them identify the vowel in each syllable as long or short.

Our spelling words are:

1. beyond

2. bonus

3. depend

4. even

5. moment

6. music

7. recent

8. relax

9. resist

10. student

11. unit

12. silent

13. photo

14. broken

15. omit

16. prefix

17. rival

18. volcano

19. silo

20. native

Social Studies

The children have done some interesting research on the legislative and judicial branches of government. This week, we will look at the executive branch.

On the calendar this week:

Monday: Please fill out and send back to school the Parent/Teacher conference sheet that is in the Smoke Signal.

Wear a blue shirt every Monday in October to support anti-bullying efforts everywhere.

Wednesday: ELA Evaluate test. ( testing is one tool we use to monitor each child's progression toward mastery of 4th grade skills. I will be happy to show this to you at conferences this month if you are interested.)

Thursday: Math test / addition and subtraction.

Friday: Math Evaluate test.