Smore Software Worth Exploring:

Helps Improve Visual Appeal of Content

How to Use Smore in a Classroom Setting

Smore can be used to create news bulletins, event announcements, class materials, and much more. Users can start with a blank canvas or use templates to create quick and attractive flyers like this one. Smore is popular with educators because once the flyer is complete, the content can easily be embedded into online classrooms. Check out some of the examples of flyers listed below to learn some of the ways you might want to consider using Smore in class.

Useful Tools

Flyers can be made for private or public use. Data analytics help you determine if students have read or interacted with your flyers. Data will give you metrics and location information about the individuals who read your flyer. If you decide to email the flyer, it will even let you know who has read it. The following demonstrates the data from a recent flyer I posted here on my blog. The data clearly shows that these flyers are effective. They are also extremely easy to create.