art room news

Wells Elementary

February 15-19


The art room has been a very busy place lately! 5th grade did clay. Fourth grade finished their photography unit. Third grade is busy illustrating their haikus. First grade learned how to make book character finger puppets. The second graders finished up their masks. And my sweet kindergarten students learned about texture. I can't wait to display some of their projects! If you come up to school, check out the display cases outside the art room for all of the third grade clay projects. I will keep those up at least through open house.

If you have any kids magazines you could donate to the art room, I would love them. We use them for various collages throughout the year.

"This world is but a canvas to our imagination."

Henry David Thoreau

Specials schedule

7:50-8:40 Planning (This is the best time to contact me.)
8:45-9:35 First Grade

9:40-10:30 Second Grade

10:35-11:25 Third Grade

11:30-12:20 Fifth Grade

12:20-12:50 My Lunch

12:50-1:40 Fourth Grade

1:45-2:35 Kindergarten

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Group C will begin the lesson textures and cityscapes.

All of the other groups will create a tissue paper background and start creating buildings for their cityscape using the texture rubbings they did last week.

First Grade

Group C will finish their storybook finger puppets.

Groups B, D and E will being a lesson on Winslow Homer's seascapes.

Second Grade

Groups D, B, and E will begin a lesson on Amate bird paintings.

This is an ancient art form that involves handmade paper.

Third Grade

All of the groups will finish working on their fan haiku illustrations.

I will be displaying all of their pottery in the cases outside the art room. If you are at school, come and take a look. They are turning out beautiful!

Fourth Grade

Group C will finish editing their photographs and start on a photo montage lesson.

All of the other groups will finish their photo montage project.

Fifth Grade

We will start a pop art lesson while waiting for the clay to dry and be fired.. The students will be drawing a gumball machine.

After the clay is fired and painted, they will start the weaving part of the project.

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Poster Making Hints

A poster is usually viewed by people on the move; therefore, a poster should;

  • Be carefully planned with pencil on a smaller piece of paper
  • Convey a message or information
  • Contain one main idea
  • Not be cluttered
  • Avoid too many words
  • Use lightly drawn guidelines for lettering that are erased when the poster is completed
  • Either emphasize letters or emphasize illustration
  • Emphasize contracts (lights against darks, warm colors against cool colors, etc.)
  • Be eye-catching
  • Be easy to read
  • Be limited in colors
  • Use a variety of media as appropriate
  • If the poster is for a contest, make sure the words and illustrations fit the theme
  • Follow the rules of the contest or project carefully
  • Show no errors in spelling or punctuation
  • Be neat and presentable
  • Be original and creative (Do you own work)

Dallas Museum of Art

Nasher Sculpture Garden

Crow Collection of Asian Art