The Fighting Roman Catholics

Northern Ireland

Basic information

Who: Northern Ireland's native Roman Catholics and Great Britain's Protestants.

Where: Northern Ireland

When: 1700s- April of 1998 however the English infiltrated Ireland in the 1300s

Come All Ye Protestants

Where Did This Start?

Besides the obvious conflict, the Protestants of Great Britain coming over in a mainly Roman Catholic place, Great Britain before then and during that time had done things; taking over its agricultural economy, controlling it as a colony but granted it political and economic power for being a colony. Because of the political and economic power the Protestants wanted that and took the greatest jobs of Northern Ireland. Later Irish Catholics were deprived of lands, participation in government and became second class citizens, and faced discrimination.

Why Care...?

The deprivation of rights, especially for natives of the land, is wrong and also classifying them as second class citizens and discriminating against them is wrong as well. Because of those actions that lead the Irish Catholics to committ acts of terrorism and violence.

How to Resolve This?

-Remove the control of Great Britain

-Remove the Protestan population

-Remove the Irish Catholic population

However the conflict was resolved in April of 1998 with the Anglo-Irish peace agreement and both Protestants and Catholics live in Northern Ireland and the Irish Catholic population is now rising because of their higher birth rate.