Ferdinand Magellan

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Country Represented:

Portugal from 1505-1517 to Spain 1517-1521

Time of Exploration:


Why Was the Voyage Undertaken?

Ferdinand Magellan was going to lead the first expedition around the Earth.

Challenges Faced:

  • The voyage started on September 8, 1519 and ended September 6, 1522, so almost 3 years.
  • Magellan was killed during a battle with natives on an island in the Philippines.
  • The voyage took 5 ships and 270 crew members.

Evidence of Persistence and/or Risk-Taking:

It was the first time anyone had ever sailed around the whole world and did not know what to expect.

Results of Exploration:

  • It was discovered that the world was round instead of flat like they had thought
  • Magellan died around the age of 40
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