GRE Staff Newsletter

For the Week of October 29, 2018

Dear Team,

Last week was a bit of a whirlwind but we survived! I have been busy working through our OTES process this week. I really am loving getting to have uninterrupted time watching you all do your thing. It has really helped me get a beat on this school and all the progress you have made. I'm challenging myself to be able to give each of you specific feedback and strategies that can push you to meet our students where they are and extend their learning. This work reminded me of the following quote from Future Driven (p. 115):

"No amount of success is enough for great educators. They are always looking for ways to improve learning for students. They are always growing. They never believe they have arrived and figured it all out.They never think there is not room to improve." Guerin goes on to say, (p. 124) "The future driven educator knows that it's important to take initiative and ownership...Be a learner. Get better everyday. Do things to advance your skills."

I believe the best tool for personal growth is reflection. When you take the time to think of your progress as an educator, where are your strengths and your weaknesses-and what are YOU doing about it? What is your plan to get better everyday?

Through all the work that comes with being a teacher, don't forget to take time to make sure it's the right work. Don't get stuck in distractions that take you away from focusing on what is best for students-keep a laser focus on our students and their growth.

Here's to another great week at GRE!


News to Share

1. On Monday we will have a fire drill at 2:30, please try to check your email around 2:00 to see if the weather is going to delay the drill.

2. Don't forget you can find all information about Eagle Ed in the team drive shared by Angie. Teacher ideas & sign up sheet links are due this Friday Nov. 2nd! Be sure to look at the student interest information to make sure you plan something our students are interested in.

3. Veteran's Day is right around the corner as well on November 9th from 2:30-3:15. Be sure that you are keeping up to date with DeAnne's emails to make sure you are ready for this important assembly. We will be using an assembly schedule that day. You can find the assembly schedule in the GRE building schedule sheet below.

4. Next week I will be sharing information about the Background Checks that will be required if an adult will be alone with students. You can preview this communication here so that you are prepared.

5. With Halloween on Wednesday we can expect quite the day! The elementary admin team wanted to share that teachers and other staff members can not dress in costume on this day. You are welcome to wear Halloween shirts, headbands, earrings, etc. but no costumes. Please see me if you have any questions.

6. This Friday our students will participate in Bus Emergency Evacuation drills and may be a little late to class. This could effect our Eagle's Nests getting started. If we all work together and watch our time, I know we can hold both events. Also, Friday is Party Wagon day, be sure to get Ginna the needed information on time so that we are ready for Party Wagon. We will start coming around at about 1:30.

7. Shout out to Abbey Okoneski for picking up the third copy of Future Driven. That means there is one copy left to start a book trail. Let's go GRE-who wants it?!?

PLC Weekly Challenge

Each week Ginna and I will be giving a new PLC challenge! The goal is make time in PLC's to work on the ideas we share during Staff Meetings, in Newsletters, on monthly Menu's or ideas from vertical PLC's. We are going to try to make this something fun to look forward to, so give it a try!

Shout out to...

-Stefanie Plowman, Tonia Carter, Abbey Okoneski and Jennifer Restucci for using our Interactive Read Alouds!

It's our last chance to participate in the Interactive Read Aloud challenges. Next month's challenges will be tied to our upcoming staff meeting. Stop by Ginna or Kate's office and grab a book that already has a completed Interactive Read Aloud form with it and give it a try. Remember, Ginna has Halloween themed books which are perfect for this time of year! We continue to add to our collections. If you have a book suggestion for us to complete the planning form for, let us know!

If you complete this week's challenge you can earn a Casual Sticker! Be sure to capture your read aloud with a photo and send to Kate!

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Week at a Glance

Monday, Oct. 29- C Day; Fire Drill @ 2:30

Tuesday, Oct. 30- D Day; Responsive Classroom Training; No Intervention today

Wednesday, Oct. 31- A Day; Yoga at GRE 4:15

Thursday, Nov. 1- B Day;

Friday, Nov. 2-C Day; Emergency Bus Evacuation; Eagle's Nest 9:00-9:38; Happy Birthday Courtney Sabo!

Upcoming Important Dates:

November 8 PTO Meeting 6:30pm

November 9 Veteran’s Day Program 2:30-3:15

November 5-15 Food Drive

November 14-20 Book Fair

November 16 Pioneer Day 2nd Grade

Grandparent BINGO 6pm

November 19 P/T Conferences 4:00-8:00pm

November 20 Eagle Ed

Nov. 21-23 NO SCHOOL

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