Job Description

Financial Advisory Analyst

Skills Required For this Job.

You must have AAB in your top three A-levels (excluding general studies)

You must have been predicted or obtained 2.1 university degree classification as minimum (or equivalent if you studied outside the UK)

You should be able to manage the costs within the budget given.

You should be able to give good advice which are favourable for the company.

Excellent written and verbal English communication are essential.

Skills That I already possess.

The Only requirement I posses at the moment is enough English communication skills and it is not excellent at the moment but I hope to improve at the near future.

Skills needed to be educated/trained.

I need to be trained to be a good financial advisor and also I still need to obtain university degree.

I also need to learn how to budged within the cost given.

How to be trained or educated.

I would like to be trained through training programs so that I can learn many skills and ideas from people who were working in the company for so long.