The Dangers That You Could Stop

Babysitting CAN be a dangerous job if you don't have the proper knowledge, patience, and right safety precautions...

Things That Can Go Wrong--How To Prevent It

- Shock: have the child lay down on its side, then cover it with a blanket, call 911, stay with the child, watch for the airway problem.

- Baby conscious choking: Check for obstructions, support infants face down, give 5 back slaps, turn the infant supporting the head, neck and back, give 5 back thrusts (using 2 fingers), repeat till infant cant breath, call parents to get follow up care.

-Child conscious choking: ask "are you chocking", place first slightly above navel, quick (in and up) thrust, repeat till it comes out.

-Seizure: find rigid muscles, move objects away from person, call 911, put in recover position, cool for fever with cool towel.

-Severe allergy reaction: Ask child about breathing and speaking, note time for reaction was 10 minutes, call 911, explain that child is having trouble breathing, stay with child to keep them calm.

Babysitting: Tips to keep you and the child safe!

When making an emergency call...

Know the telephone # to contact the police, speak slowly when talking to them, know the road that you live on and the next closest insertions, know if your north south east or west, don't hang up, use a car with emergency flashers on and parked near your driveway entrance.

First aid instructions

Minor bleeding: clean the wound with soap and water, blot dry, apply bandage.

Severe bleeding: cover wound with clean cloth and apply pressure, apply ice, treat for shock, call rescue squad.

Broken bones: keep the broken bones from moving, keep the warm and still, call for medical instructions;

Bee stings: if stinger is still in wound scrape it off, apply ice wrapped in cloth, DO not put mud on the wound.

Babysitting Tips

Babysitting is a dangerous job and takes a lot of responsibility!