V's Very Verbose Speach

The BTN Speech

Is It a Revolution or a Life

In V’s address/speech to the citizens of London suggests that words are more powerful than the “truncheon” will ever be, and that truth will always prevail no matter how deep we have to dig in order to find it. He brings to mind historical events, like the gunpowder treason plot, on Nov. 5


1605, relates himself to the public by saying that he “[appreciates] the comforts of every day routine - the security of the familiar, the tranquility of repetition,” and blames everyone for the position that they’re in by telling the public to “look into a mirror” to find who is guilty. V’s purpose is to disturb, inform, and motivate the citizens of London in order to remind them of the fairness, justice, and freedom they once had and enjoyed. V speaks in an informative/advising tone to the public of London with hopes that they will relies the truth.