Kraft Class Update

1st Grade


Our Buddies came to play “Make Ten” with us. Some students used 2 addends ( 4 and 6 ) to make ten, while others were able to find 3 addends ( 1 + 4 + 5 ) to make ten. This is a great game to play at home!

Writing: Bringing Stories To Life

We practiced adding more details to our story. We asked questions like "Who? What? When? When? and How?" to add details. We also practiced making our stories come to life: adding speech bubbles and dialogue and adding emotions.

Math - True and False Equations

This week we discussed the equal sign. Students often see a number sentence that starts with the addends first ( 4 + 2 = 6), but we can read the addition sentence backwards to see it is the same equation (6 = 2 + 4). What matters is that the same value is represented on either side of our equation, so both equations are true. ( 3 + 5 = 8, True) or ( 2 + 3 = 6, False)


This week completes the “Welcome Back Superkids” startup unit. Next week we will dive into the The Adventures of Superkids, Unit 1. Unit 1 will focus on recognizing the plot (problem and solution) in our story. Also, Unit 1 will focus on 5 memory words ( I, my, she, her, he his) and pattern words with the ending –ish, -ash, -unch, - atch. This list will be sent home on Monday, please look for it in your child's binder. Each unit will last about 8 days. Then a new list of memory words and patterns words will be send home. While reading with your children every night, please discuss Memory Words, the spelling pattern words, and the comprehension skill (recognizing the plot: problem and solution).

Top Dog

This week our Top Dog was Deonta. Deonta loves any and all things related to monster trucks! He brought in his "Blue Thunder" monster truck to share with the class. Deonta likes to go to Monster Truck Shows and we found out some of our friends have gone to these kinds of shows too.

Weekly Reminders

Scholastic Book orders are due October 1. To order online, click here. The classroom code is PCVG8.

Check out the selection of animated books at TumbleBooks, provided by the Woodridge Public Library.

Practice Math Facts at home by logging into XtraMath.

Practice math skills using IXL.

Reward your child for working hard on their math facts and skills by allowing them to play fun math games at SumDog.

(Need a new flyer to register your child to any of the sites listed above? Email me and I will send a new one home.)