World Religions

Faith and culture collide


Here are the beliefs of Christians

If you are Christian you believe that Jesus is the son of God

Some others like the Jews believe that the son of god it's still to come.

The holy trinity

76% of the United States are Christian and 4% are other religions

What is Christianity?


These are the beliefs of Jews

What is Judaism? Don't you want to know?


What Is Buddhism?

Beliefs of Buddhists

They believe that they're main goal in life is to reach enlightenment. They don't believe in god, just a teacher named the Buddha who was first to reach enlightenment.


to the left is shiva the deity who they believe created the universe


Hindus believe in reincarnation. They believe in multiple gods or "avatars". All of these gods represent different things. They believe that the cow is sacred so they do not eat beef and they worship the cows. They read the sacred book Bhagavad Gita.

What is Hinduism?



Muslims do believe in god but they call him Allah. They don't know Jesus as the son of god. The word Islam means to surrender (to god). Muslims must pray 5 times a day while facing the east this is called salat.there are 4 types of Muslims. There are Sunnis, Shiites, Wahhabis, and Sufis. But the main two are Sunnis and Shiites.

Sacred book

Their sacred book is the Quran

What is Islam? (What's the Deal with Islam?)