Your on your way!!!

Team Freatman Inspired Fortune Cookies!!!

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You have received your kit! Now What!?!

Congratulations!!! You have received your kit!!!! Isn't it amazing!!!

I am so happy to have you join our Origami Owl family! I have written down some beginning things you can do to get your business up and running. Also, included are some highlights about our backoffice so that you can get more familiar with Origami Owl!

Be sure to check your Backoffice newsfeed often during the week! This is where we get all of our current O2 info! Over the next several weeks, we will be getting a new version of our backoffice with an interactive training tab which I hear is going to be wonderful!

Every Monday evening, O2 posts an update webinar for us. You will see notice of when the webinar is available to watch in your newsfeed. To access the webinar, go to the Resources tab. On Thursday evenings they place a training webinar. Again, watch for the info about it being posted in your newsfeed and you will find the webinar in your resources tab. However, no worries if you can't view it on those nights. Once it is posted you can refer back to it at any time.

You will also find other training videos to watch in the resources tab under the "webinar" section. As well, I have added you to our Team Freatman facebook page, as well as my Team Freatman Direct Nest facebook page which is just for you, my first line designers. In the files tab on these pages you will see a file named "team training" which is a 6 week training series that I purchased for the team from Lynsey Jones. She did a custom call series related to our company and it goes through everything from getting started to leadership. I highly suggest you listen to one call at a time and when you are ready to advance you can listen to the nest call at your convenience.

One last thing that you will want to check out in the resources tab in your backoffice is the "New Designers Start Here" section. It will walk you though all the important tools you will need to start your business.

My contact information is below should you have any questions. Please feel free to contact me in the manor that is easiest for you - text, calls, emails, etc:)

I am looking forward to working with you as you build your O2 business!

Placing a business supply or wholesale order in your backoffice!

Wow - you are ready to place your first order for business supplies!! Sounds scary doesn't it! Don't worry - it really is not bad at all. When you are ready to place your first party order in the "Party Tab" (pink star), I will walk you thought that personally. Sometime this fall we are getting a new Party Tab and training will be coming our for all of us on that, but in the meantime party orders go through that "Pink Star" tab and we will get to that soon!

To get started by placing a business supply order or to order items from wholesale (say you want something for your display, etc), you will start by logging into your backoffice.

* Click on the Order Tab (shopping cart) at the top of your screen

* This brings you to your Order Screen - shows you your most recent orders etc. You can also use this tab to view previous orders (using the tabs on the left), track shipping by clicking on your order and clicking on the "track" button at the top of the order, etc. Please note that you can't track an order until it has actually shipped.

* On the left hand side of the screen choose "New Order"

* Re-enter your login information - this resets the prices to your wholesale prices and adds the business supplies. If you do not log in - you are just taken to your ecommerce site.

* That's it!!!! You are now in your shopping area! You will see the prices will be slashed to wholesale.

* To order business supplies, click on the "Business Supply" link on the left hand side. Please note that business supplies ship separately from your wholesale product orders and you can not choose expedited shipping for business supplies. Also, the Catalogs, Order Forms, and Hostess Folders ship from a separate warehouse and the system will alert you that these items cannot be combined on a business supply order with other items. They have to be ordered separately.

* Once you have chosen your items, click on "view shopping cart" at the top of your screen

* Be sure to enter all of your check out information

* Choose your shipping option if available and then enter your cc info.

* Once processed your Invoice Order number will appear.

* To go back to your backoffice when finished you will have to log out and log back in to your backoffice

Happy Shopping!