Charming Owls

February Recognition Edition

You Can Do This!

The Charming Owls Team is rapidly growing! You are doing a great job in sales and team building. I hope that you are all setting and meeting your weekly and monthly goals. If you're struggling, please let me know and I will help you come up with a strategy to move your business in the direction you desire. Keep in mind, results don't happen over night and nothing comes for free. Be patient, persistant and consistant... Your hard work WILL pay off!

Exciting News!

I am so excited about the O2 Connection Newsletter! The O2 Connection is a monthly newsletter filled with the latest fashion trends, hostess tips and more. This valuable resource will help you to stay connected with your customers, enroll more Designers, sell more product, and book more Jewelry Bars. You can’t beat that! An amazing portal will help you to gauge the success of your newsletters. The best part is, you don’t have to write any of the content. Let Origami Owl® do all the work for you! All you have to do is input your customer contact information into the O2 Connection Website :-)


February Contest Winners

  • Most Helpful Teammate: Melissa Oberstein - Thank you for being supportive and available for the rest of the team! I received emails expressing their appreciation for your help in answering questions while I was gone.
  • PV Princess: This was a super close race, but the winner is... Diane Ambroz with $1894 in PV.
  • Team Builder: We have an 8 way tie! 8 people had 1 person join their team in February, so I've decided to put February and March together. The top 2 team building designers at the end of March will win a prize!

February Promotions

New Team Leaders:
  • Melissa Oberstein
  • Brandy Erlander Favilla

New Leading Designers:

  • Dawn Needham
  • Nicole Glass
  • Hilary Underwood
  • Sydney & Tina Vargo

February Top Sales!

Over $500:
  • Josee Bidwell
  • Kristalyn Morris
  • Charlotte McCabe
  • Denise Seberson
  • Jennifer Wilkemeyer
  • Briana Imhoff
  • Brandy Favilla
  • Brittney Wood

Over $1000:

  • Kelly Anderson
  • Sydney & Tina Vargo
  • Tiffany Caffey

Over $1500:

  • Melissa Oberstein
  • Nicole Glass
  • Hilary Underwood
  • Gabrielle Mussman
  • Diane Ambroz

Congratulations on a GREAT Month Everyone!!