by: Dante Martinez

Type Of Music

-Mariachi was originally named "Son Jaliscience" but now the name of the genre is "Mariachi".

-Mariachi music is mostly played at weddings, parties, and festivals.

-All over Mexico people are involved in Mariachi bands such as one of the most famous bands known as "Los Mariachi Vargas".

History Of The Music

-The origin of Mariachi are that the music genre started when guitars violins and woodwind instruments were introduced to Mexicans by the coming Spanish in 19th century Mexico.

-The musical influences of Mariachi were introduced by the immigrating spanish.


-The characteristics of the music are mainly folk-like and instrumental.

-The main instruments of Mariachi are the brass section such as trumpets and guitars, and the main vocal setting is synchronized and generally loud.

-There are special costumes for Mariachi music that are the traditional clothes of the first Mariachi singers.

-Pedro Infante, Miguel Aceves Mejía, Lola Beltrán and José Alfredo Jiménez. These are some of the most famous Mariachi singers.


-Some dances associated with this Music are folk dances such as "jarabe tapatio" which is also known as a hat dance.

-The characteristics of the dance are very folk-like and well planned.


-The music today is associated with the people of Mexico and some parts of Spain.

-The projected future of this music is that soon Mariachi won't really be around, day by day it drops in popularity due to other newer genres of music.