By : Jaime Pope , Miyah Cobey , Sammi johnson

World Map Of All Deserts


The desert climate varies from different temperatures the average 38 Celsius (day -3.9 (night) and for the precipitation 250 mm of rain per year in different places.

World Location

30 degrees latitude north and 30 degrees latitude south


More flowers then you would expect. Adaptations to environment is protective waxy coat long roots, survive in dry desert with barley any water.

Intesrsting Information

Antarctica is the largest desert in the world. Google hired a camel to create the street.


The deserts nutrient rich soil takes decades to form . The soil is also very fragile .

Human impact on deserts

Humans have little to none interactions . The negative impacts of the human race are :

• livestock from near by people eat the very few plants and animals in the desert .

• Mining for gold

• Sometimes nuclear waste dumped in desert biomes

The Desert Biome