Rolando Rios

oceanic and rivers and artactic food web

ocean food web (drawn)

I drew this because Its a project and im done,now I have to explain all of this, the primary consumer in this food web and the world is humans,second megalodan if it was alive. there are alot of other food webs out there and even food chains which are multiple food webs combined and more.

symbiotic relationships

humans effect on the environment

humans all around the world are destroying the enviroment by pollution, cutting down trees, and extinction of most species in the world, and all of this is because we need resources to survive but we dont pay attention to the damage at the Earth.


sharks produce baby sharks and when they grow enough the sharks have to go because the mother shark will consume them because they want to survive, so when the sharks part away some of them will die but some will survive and reproduce with other sharks and starts again.