"Adventure of a Lifetime"


In this lovely band, we have the lead singer Chris Martin, guitar Jonny Buckland, harmonica Guy Berryman, and Will Champion on the piano. They play the most wonderful sound of a rock feel. This band has the most fans in the world. They have an amazing tune and lyrics, in which, it has a pull on you. Coldplay makes you want to listen more, as well as, for you to just flow with the music. The lyrics that ring through your ears make you feel like you're in paradise no matter where you are!

"Still believe in MAGIC?"­čîč

Yes, I do. In which, you should too! Coldplay has given their money earned by their musical talents. They have supported 28 charities in their time of being a band. In the beginning of their band, they had given 10% of their earnings to charities. Why wouldn't you love such an amazing and loving band!?


Fix you is what they will do when you are listening to their music. They help you through your hard times and let you enjoy the good times. Their music lifts your spirits to get on with life. If you listen to them once, I guarantee you'll love them just as much as I do.
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