5 Reasons to work hard in school

By: Francisco Guerrero

First Reason / Intro

In the school you can get very bored in the things that you do, but when you are in trouble in school you need to give a great effort in it and the teachers are trying too to help you in going to success with your parents are their side in all the ways that they can and the far as they could get in that problem or any other one that you may have. You need to think in the way that your parents see you when you have good grades, good participation, and very good conduct they fell very well they feel that they are doing the right thing, but when you don´t can feel very bad about themselves, bad in the way that they have educate you. One of the reason is that one what your parents will think of you now and in the future.

Second Reason

Another reason the why you need to work hard is by the time and the effort that your parents do to maintain you in the best school they can to you their son or daughter have a better education or a good one of the one that they have or had. The money that they need to have to give you the materials that you need every year, all the gasoline that they have waste getting you earlier at school, and their hope of you being a good man, student, parent. and then giving them again what they have give you when you were with them.

Third Reason

The school doesn't help only your parents it help you having a good career and that in our society is very difficult to do by the economic problems that are happening recently and the ones that have no career by example get out of school by the case that they don't have enough money to pay the school, you can give you another chance by working getting out of school and maintaining your education for the future it can help you get a job, respect, and higher stats in the society to have a better chance that your parents will want to them to happen to them but they are doing that to you to don't do the errors or things that they didn't do in the past better than them and get to success.

Fourth Reason

You to when you are a little kid almost always they give you a typical project that is for what you want to be when you are old, and many kids say like an astronaut, a scientist, a teacher, and more but when you become older you start to change your way of thinking as your parents change the way to see you no more as a kid and more as a teenager or adult. For that you need to have an education and they give you examples to give you hope of having an awesome job, but only if you complete the school earlier or as normal at the time that was supposed.

Fifth Reason / Conclusion

By all the things that I have tell you only need to give your 100% in the things that you do to have a successful life by way that it only is bad for you and the way that your parents will fill of being that their son or daughter has not being successful and its living on the streets with nothing to eat and a box as a house, while them are old and waiting to have you in the top of the world as the best one, and they cannot do nothing to help you any more.

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