JASK Week!

Sponsored by Deaf CSUNians

What is JASK Week?

JASK is a committee that plans out events that help promote Deaf Awareness during the month of March. Our purpose is to help promote and educate the public about Deaf Culture, its language, and its people. Everyone is invited to our events whether they are Deaf, hard of hearing, or hearing, educators from every level, students who are Deaf Studies majors, students who are interested in learning about the Deaf Community, and students who are interested in Sign Language.

So come to JASK Week to see these events!


MONDAY 10th: JASK Kick-off, Presentation by Jordan Eickman & Indoor Volleyball
TUESDAY 11th: Presentation by Joel Garcia, Presentation by Elena Ruiz & Alumni Speed Mentoring
WEDNESDAY 12th: Cultural Festival, Presentation by Flavia Fleischer & Indoor Basketball
THURSDAY 13th: ASL Got Talent

Flavia Fleischer

She will present on Audism & Deaf Community Cultural Wealth

Dr. Flavia Fleischer is currently the Chair of the Deaf Studies Department at California State University, Northridge. Prior to becoming the chair, Flavia taught at Gallaudet University from 2003-2006 and at Utah Valley University from 2007- 2011.

Flavia was born to the field of Deaf Studies as her father was one of the pioneering academicians in the field. Deaf Studies has been a central theme in Flavia's life, where Deaf Education, Deaf Studies issues, and Deaf activism were constant areas of discussion. In her childhood, most of her focus was on understanding herself as a Deaf person and the role of Deaf people in our world.

Although her academic background centers on linguistics, Flavia is an activist and is very interested in fighting against oppression of all minorities, especially oppression of deaf people. Flavia has given numerous workshops and presentations relating to ASL, ASL Linguistics, Deaf Education, and Deaf Cultural Studies.

JASK Week Kick-off!

Monday, March 10th, 12:30-2:30pm

Vincennes St

Los Angeles, CA

The event will be on Bayramian Hall Lawn.

The purpose of the kick-off is to expose students and educators about Deaf Awareness and American Sign Language as well as to celebrate the opening of JASK Week!

Presentation by Jordan Eickman on Deaf Identity through Sports

Monday, March 10th, 4-6pm

Nordhoff Hall, Los Angeles, CA, United States

Los Angeles, CA

This presentation will be at Nordhoff Hall, Room 113

The Role of Deaf Sport in Developing Deaf Identity presentation will provide a review of how the leaders of the Deaflympics movement have affirmed Deaf identity through their actions. How Deaf sport contributes to Deaf identity development will also be discussed along with factors affecting Deaf sport and the Deaf identity development process in the context of Great Britain.

Indoor Volleyball

Time: 7:00pm-9:00pm
Where: RedRing Court at Student Recreation Center [SRC]

We will have indoor volleyball free of charge! Come and have fun playing volleyball with people. Everyone is welcome!

$10 for non-students

Presentation by Elena Ruiz on Community Accountability

Tuesday, March 11th, 12-1:30pm

Bertrand Ave

Los Angeles, CA

This event will be in Multi-Purpose Room [MPR] - Jeanne Chisholm Hall

Community Accountability is a fairly new concept in our Signing Community but an often misunderstood and misinterpreted one. What does it mean for us to create accountable communities and community members? How can we work towards creating healthier, more supportive, and safer communities? It begins with us having important conversations and taking actions that will endure long-term. This presentation and large group discussion will start much-needed conversations and planning about how to make our Signing Community on campus an accountable one.

Presentation by Joel Garica on Chican@ Sord@ People en Barri@: Language & Culture Barriers in the Dominant U.S. Society

Tuesday, March 11th, 2-3:30pm

Sequoia Hall, Los Angeles, CA, United States

Los Angeles, CA

This presentation will be at Sequoia Hall, Room 104

It focuses on Chican@ Sord@ people's language and culture are demolishing by the dominant ASL/U.S. English language, and intersectional privileges in the institutional system in U.S. Also, he create of Chican@ Sign Language [CSL] and it defines Indigenous Sign Language, Pachuco (Pachuc@) Sign Language, and colonizer's ASL and LSM.

Alumni Speed Mentoring

Tuesday, March 11th, 6:30-8:30pm

Bertrand Ave

Los Angeles, CA

This event will be in Multi-Purpose Room [MPR] - Jeanne Chisholm Hall

The purpose of this event is to meet with NCOD Alumni students and gain insight on what it is like to work in their fields. It is a perfect opportunity to receive advice, network, and create connections with people for the future.

Cultural Festival

Wednesday, March 12th, 1-3pm

18111 Nordhoff St


This event will be on NCOD Lawn.

Have a taste of variety of culture and learn about their country by enjoying their food and entertainment. Make sure you bring $5 to donate to Deaf CSUNians. All is welcome!

Presentation by Flavia Fleischer on Audism & Deaf Community Cultural Wealth

Wednesday, March 12th, 5-7pm

Vincennes St

Los Angeles, CA

This event will be in Johnson Auditorium Room 100.

This seminar will introduce, address and discuss audism as one form of the oppressive systems existing in our society and the micro-, meso- and macro-aggressions stemming from audism. Also addressed will be the long history of resistance against audism by the Deaf community through the utilization of Deaf Community Cultural Wealth (DCCW) and its six capitals. Each of these capitals will be explained and examples will be given as to how Deaf people actively resist oppression in order to not only survive but also thrive. In understanding audism and DCCW, we become better able to understand the oppression that the Deaf community experience and the value and importance of Deaf community to our society.

Indoor Basketball

Time: 7:00pm - 9:00pm
Where: Student Recreation Center [SRC]
$10 for non-students

Bring your game face on and have fun!

ASL Got Talent!

Thursday, March 13th, 5-7:30pm

Plaza del Sol Performance Hall, Los Angeles, CA, United States

Los Angeles, CA

Signers get to show off their talents to the audience whom will be the judge. Signers can do poems, storytelling, dancing, acting, stand-up comedian, and more!

Here's the link for ASL Got Talent if you want to invite yourself to see the event! https://www.facebook.com/events/597324040360195/

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And please do share this awesome information to your friends and family who would like to come! Have a wonderful day!