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Back To the Basics

"We can deepen our own and our students’ understanding of mistakes, which are not all created equal, and are not always desirable. After all, our ability to manage and learn from mistakes is not fixed. We can improve it."

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The Teacher's Corner

One of my favorite books to read to students is Your Fantastic Elastic Brain. This book puts growth mindset in kid friendly terms and explains why making mistakes is all part of the learning process. Please feel free to borrow it from me OR I'd love the opportunity to come be a guest reader in your classroom. Feel free to shoot me an email and we can set up a time.

*it's probably best for grades 2-5, but anyone is welcome to try!

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Staff Spotlight

Paul Campbell - 4th grade

Number of years in education? 28

Number of years at Brinker? 18

Tell us 3 facts about you NOT related to school

I have been to 3 Super Bowls
I play Volleyball and Basketball
I have a 6th grade son and a 9th grade son

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Christina Stelzl- Instructional/Dyslexia Support

Number of years in education? 17

Number of years at Brinker? 17

Tell us 3 facts about you NOT related to teaching:

1. I hold an FCC Technician License for amateur radio and my call sign is KE5BYS.
2. In front of the entire congregation at the Children's Christmas Worship service, my husband proposed to me. My mom was there to see it happen.
3. I love to cook yet get nervous when people eat my food.

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Master the Media: How Teaching Media Literacy Can Save Our Plugged-in World

Additional information about author and book at

The Innovator’s Mindset

Additional Information about author and book at

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TEACHER HUMOR-for Ts eyes only

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