Principal News and Notes


Multicultural Night - Multiple Perspectives

Multicultural Night was a success for our students and families! We had 278 families attend this family engagement activity. If we include our volunteers (BLUE Crew, Brooklyn United Methodist, and others) we had over 300 participate in this fun night.

This event was truly a way to intentionally seek multiple racial perspectives from our students, families, and staff. Thanks for participating in the event and special thanks to the task force for coordinating such a wonderful event!

I will have thank you cards to sign for the Brooklyn Park Drum & Dance group, Brooklyn United Methodist, Hmong Dance Group, and our very own Nigerian Story Teller (Victor Okom) in the staff lounge tomorrow. Please take the time to sign the cards.

Words cannot explain the night so I have added lots of pictures!


Chewbacca Lady - If you need a laugh - watch this! "It's the simple joys"

Chewbacca Mask Lady (Full Video)

Equity Corner: Pieces of Equity to Think About by Gary Wieser

Pieces of Equity to Think About

After attending equity meetings and seminars for the past two years, I decided to share some thoughts/quotes. I hope they foster some positive self-reflection.

  1. Our racial journey is about our awareness of ourselves.
  2. Recognize that we are all in a different place in our journey.
  3. Realize the role whiteness has had in that journey.
  4. When and how do we perpetuate racism?
  5. Some systems (education) weren’t built to serve/help everyone. It’s part of the belief of the system. This belief drives behaviors. Behaviors yield outcomes.
  6. It’s our job to change the system.
  7. Identify and interrupt certain institutions that prevent some children from being successful.
  8. Social justice happens when the dominant want it to happen, when they help it happen.
  9. Our students come to school and are judged all the time.
  10. We need to infuse students’ cultures into our lessons.
  11. Children are the reason we are here. They are not an inconvenience to our day.
  12. Look at a student’s assets and not a student’s deficits (asset-based instruction).
  13. We are paid to make sure students learn. We are not paid to teach.
  14. We don’t teach content, we teach children.
  15. Learning occurs when the teacher is teaching what the students want to learn.
  16. We ALL have had racist conditioning.
  17. This is our district’s work, Garden City’s work, my work, your work!!

If any of these quotes trigger feelings you would like to discuss—talk to me, an equity member, or a colleague. I am hoping many courageous conversations will happen:-)


Student Work Samples:

THANKS to staff that have already turned in student work samples. If you have not already done so please note that I am requesting copies of student work samples for PD in August. Please submit an example of high quality, average, and low quality student work samples from your grade level to me by Friday June 3rd. Please include any rubric or tool used to score the work. The work samples & rubrics (or scoring tool) can be collected by grade level and submitted as whole to Donna. If you have questions see me.


Remember #FinishStrong!

We are focusing on 10:1 positives to negatives

Remember to laugh and smile!



You can do it!

Focus on what you can control, rather than what you cannot control

• Focus on needs of students and your own professional needs will then be met

• Focus on positive interactions, prevention and antecedents, rather than problems, intervention and consequences

Student behavior will only change if teacher or other staff behavior changes

• Staff change is necessary to change student behavior

• The purpose of a behavior plan is to formalize the interaction between staff and student.

• Change will include antecedent, response definition and consequence change


Reinforcement is not bribery

• Bribery is reinforcing behavior which is illegal, unethical, immoral, or otherwise inappropriate.

• Programmed reinforcement is necessary when students do not behave “as they ought” but learning the behavior is necessary for success

Outside the classroom

• There is no such thing as free time. All areas are instructional settings. All times are teachable moments

• Supervision in lunch, recess and hallways is an interactive activity

• The payoff for close monitoring outside the classroom, is better behavior inside the classroom