L11 Content & Writing DUE

かようび (kayoubi-Tuesday) Apr 25, 2017

Today's Important Info:


Please go through your grades to make sure you have submitted all missing work for lessons 8-10.

Today your Lesson 11 Writing Assignment is DUE. Please don't forget to submit that assignment on time, by 11:59pm TODAY!

  • The characters for this week are: マ、ミ、ム、メ、モ、ヤ、ユ、ヨ、。
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*Please be sure to keep up with the due dates to avoid getting behind. The time will fly by faster than you think.

*Remember to work on your EOC Project as much as you can and DON'T WAIT until the last minute to start.


Siu さん!

Awesome job attending coaching sessions! Coach's feedback: "Great review! Prepared, good questions and great participation!" Keep up the good work! よくできました!^o^

Katakana Stroke Order Chart:

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Peer Tutoring Center NEEDS YOU!!

It is that time again!! Recruitment season has begun. Without volunteers, we are not able to staff the Peer Tutoring Center effectively.

We are recruiting for volunteers from and for all NCVPS courses!! We need volunteers for all of the following areas:

Peer Tutors--Volunteers need strong content knowledge in the courses for which they will tutor, oral and written communication skills, a desire to help others and initiative.

Virtual Buddies--
Volunteers need strong organizational and time management skills, high level of motivation and the ability to pass motivation on to others, strong study skills, a desire to help others and initiative. These students do not need to have superior content knowledge. They simply need to be dedicated, conscientious students who are good communicators and diligent in their work.

TutorTalk Bloggers--
Volunteers need strong written communications skills and initiative.

Others--Volunteers with skills in technological, multimedia, organizational, communication, marketing, graphic design, etc, and initiative.

CLICK THIS LINK for more detailed info: https://www.dropbox.com/s/wb4dekcdvlm9pnc/PTC%20Services--Volunteers.doc
Interested in volunteering with peer tutoring center?

CLICK HERE to fill out your info to be recommended to be a volunteer! ^o^