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Meet Paul: You ask and he answers

Hello im paul or you may call me christian4life. You guys ask and i'm here to answer. Ask any questions about christianity or converting. This column is open to anyone. I will not judge, Im here to help.

Paul's Answers

Thank you for your wonderful questions

Dear worried mother,becoming christian will not be easy for you, you have to trust in God that he will take care of you and keep you safe. He will watch over you but you have to put fully trust in God it is safe.

Dear Worried jew, yes the Gentiles are becoming christian and they will have a choice of either followig the jewish laws. The christian life is about excepting people in and letting them come together warts and all.

Dear thinking thump, to become christian you have to trust in what you learn and what christians believe they will execpt you if you really belive and full faith. You will be baptized into the church and will be welcomed by the pastors.