Valentine's Day Party Tomorrow!

Valentine's Day Boxes

We will decorate our mailboxes in the morning, please send a small box with your child for them to decorate. A Shoe box, Cereal Box, Tissue Box or the like will be perfect. You can also send empty oatmeal canisters or coffee cans. We will provide all the materials needed to decorate their boxes.

If you have extra boxes please feel free to send them too! If we don't use them tomorrow we can add them to our supply of recyclables!

Hooray for good behavior!

As a reward for the group working together and earning stars we will have Chick-Fil-A for lunch tomorrow! We will have Chicken Nuggets, Chicken Salad Sandwiches, a Fruit Platter, Green Salad and Lemonade. (If this is not something your child will eat, you may choose to send a lunch with them.)