Iceland Country Report

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Geographic Information:

Continent: Europe

Area: 39,769 sq miles

Climate: Mild weather for being close to the Artic Circle

Arable Land: 22.8%

Capital City: Reykjavik

3 Largest Cities: Reykjavík, Kópavogur, Hafnarfjörður

Demographic Information

Population: 323,002

Population Density: 3

Growth Rate: -1.1

% Urbanized: 94.04

Life Expectancy: About 82 years

AIDS Rate: Only about 3 people have gotten diagnosed this year

Literacy Rate: 99%

Languages: Icelandic (North Germanic language) and English

Cultural Information

Customs and Traditions: Twelfth Night, Bóndadagur, Konudagur, etc.

Food: Lamb, dairy, and fish are very popular.

Clothing: Clothing differs with the drastic weather changes in short periods of time.

Recreation: Sightseeing, hiking, snowmobiling, whale watching, etc.

Religions: 80% go to the Lutheran State Church and 5% go to Christian churches.

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Political Information

Type of Government: Constitutional Republic - Parliamentary republic

Civil Rights Score: 72/100 ranked score.

Press Freedom: Free

Domestic/Regional Conflicts: Cod Wars

Economic Information

GDP: 47,461.19 USD

Labor: 70-80% of people in Iceland live by farming.

Unemployment: 3.3%

% Below Poverty Line: Over 6 thousand live in poverty.

Happy Planet Index: 40.2