Vacations of 2013

Top 5

St. Augustine fl


I love going to St. Augustine with my mom because we love to shop and I really like this weapon shop they have there. The shop has all kinds of weapons.



This is by far one of the most insane vacations I have ever been on. My dad, family friends, and me had driven up to Minnesota. Once we got up in the mountains we put in and canoed for all day and found a campsite.

Big Kahunas


I like to go to Big Kahuna's for three reasons. The're are no big lines. I am able to go on any ride. And I like to spend time with my family.

White water rafting


This vacation was pretty crazy also. Me, my mom and dad, my niece, Emily and her boyfriend went to a man made rafting course. My favorite rapid was the ambush it comes when you least expect it.



I love Destin not just for it's great tourist attractions but also for its clear blue water. It is so much fun to go swimming in the water during summer. I also love the great shops there