Techniques; Fear in stability

- The media presented is stated in the Egyptian's Constitution for freedom of media is guaranteed. Knowing that something can not be covered through media even though it is expressed to be free.

- Safety of citizens: a means of opinion backed up with facts maybe be grasped in one way to one person but in a totally different idea to another. Manipulation can be looked as being expedited of journalist in a certain extent. People fear of have their voice heard to make they Egyptian people aware of thing nut fear they will get in trouble for expressing a topic they are uncertain if it can be explained in their way as to the way they see it as to the way their government would.

Leader From Egypts view

The leader of Egypt "Morsi rejected the al-Sisi's pronouncement as "a military coup." Earlier he had said no one had the right to undo the legitimacy conferred by elections" rejects a way out to better help his country in the long run. Having a mind of his own and not providing much detail to his people puts his people in a bad position. His people sit and wait for direction because they aren't used to anything but that,