Transportation and Communication

Making life easier


Entrepreneurs made canals so small boats could transport goods from city to city and making the prices on food drop because there was easier transportation for the food.

Steam Locomotives

In the beginning of the 1830s canals lost their importance because steam locomotives made rail roads the new prefered way of transportation of goods and people.

Growth of rail roads

By 1870 rail roads were so popular the rail lines criss crossed Britain, Europe, and North America and it was also easier for people to travel.

Communication in 1800's

In the 1800s a telegraph was invented and made it easier for people to receive and send out messages.

Communication by Mail

In 1800 John Allen was one of the first mail men. He would go from house to house delivering mail and sometimes he would go out of town just to deliver a letter to somebody.

Making life easier

The new way of transportation and communication made it easier for business men and the average person. Since the transportation made it easier for the producer, it made the prices on food drop and it made it easier for everyone to get food. The telegram made it easier for people sending news they could even send it from continent to continent.