Emotional Development

6-8 Year Olds

"Right" or "Wrong", "Good" or "Bad"

Everything is either "right" or "wrong", or "good" or "bad".

They don't understand the concept of there being something in between, a gray area.

Comfort and Security

Their sense of comfort and security rely on the adults around them and how they feel.

Individuality to Interaction

At this age children start to move on from individuality to interaction and building relationships with those around them, particularly other children.


Children of this age will also find comfort and understanding in routines. What time do they wake up? What time do they do homework? How long do they watch TV for? When's bedtime? Even when they may argue with a routine, they will still find belonging and comfort in one.


At this age, self-confidence begins to grow. If not watched carefully, it could lead to overconfidence in their abilities which could be dangerous.
Emaan Allawala

3rd Period