POHW Before and After Oster!

By: Jack butler

1. Hollis' Outlook on Life

In the beginning, Hollis is sad and lonely after running away from several foster homes. In the end, she us happy to be a part of he Regan family. It says "A mother a father two sisters and a brother, a family." Pg 166

2. Hollis' Trust

She gains trust when she gets a new family. She ends up being part of the Regans. "I love the name Regan." pg 165

3. Steven at the Summer House

Hollis thinks she sees Steven on the snowmobile. She starts talking to Steven at the front door. "Hollis Woods, where are you going?" Pg 155

4. Being a nice person

At the end Hollis is much better and a nicer person. She shows a lot more love and care, and she is always happy. "I've never been happier." pg 164

5. Hollis and Josie

Hollis and Josie are very close an have a very healthy relationship. They go everywhere with each other, they even run away to a summer home. Hollis wants the best for Josie. "Josie doesn't exactly remember me but she loves me." pg 165. p.s Josie has memory loss.

6. Hollis and the Mustard Woman

At the end Hollis and the Mustard Woman are actually pretty good friends. She sometimes comes and says hello. "Emmy and the Mustard Woman show up regularly to say hello and they often smile thinking that there the reason that I am in a family." Pg 165

7. Old man and Steven

After Steven and the Old man got in a fight they made up and liked each other again. "We drive each other crazy but it's all right."pg 158