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Scoop it - Everyone is a publisher

1. Register!

Go to and sign up! OR you can sign in using your facebook or twitter account.

Click here if you need help getting signed up.

2. Create a Topic!

Start with a topic that you know about - or that you WANT to know about.

Click on "My Topics" and select "Create a Topic" to get started. Pick an interesting title, your language and some keywords to help find the best content that it can to suggest for your topic. Be creative with the title; will not allow you to name a topic with a name that is already being used by someone else.

Click here if you need help creating a topic.

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3. Install the Bookmarklet - OR - Install the Chrome Extension

Bookmarklet Directions: The bookmarklet can be added to your browser toolbar and it lets you add to your Topic on the fly. When you find something on the Internet that you want to scoop, just click the bookmarklet and it will send the content directly to your Topic. This is an easy way to collect resources; just scoop them when you find them!

Click here to get the bookmarklet.

Chrome Extension Directions: If you are using Chrome, go to the Chrome Web Store and search for Download the extension that has 5 stars and it will be added to your Chrome toolbar to make scooping easy.

4. Add Content to Your Topic!

You can add content to your topic 4 different ways:

  1. Rescoop from your followed topics
  2. Accept a post suggested by
  3. Create a post by entering a URL
  4. ***Grab content while navigating the web*** (my personal favorite and the one you will learn in Step 4)

Click here if you want detailed instructions on the 4 ways to add content to your Topic.

For the eCourse, you are required to have 5 scoops for your Topic.

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5. Share & Follow!

SHARE:'s purpose is to allow you to create and develop communities of interest around what matters to you. You can easily share your scoops to facebook, twitter, linkedin, Google+, Pinterest, and other accounts.

Click here to learn about sharing options.

FOLLOW: It's easy to follow other topics. Use the search box in the top left to find what you're looking for. Once you find a good topic, click on the blue follow button and you'll be able to keep up with the latest posts published on that topic.

For the eCourse you are required to follow at least one other person who has a Topic that is helpful to your teaching field.

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