E-Commerce Courses for Spring 2016!

All courses count toward the E-Commerce Certificate!

Learn to Sell Products Online -- Start a Business or a New Career! ENROLL TODAY AT CUESTA.EDU

Companies are looking for e-commerce and social media experts! An E-Commerce Certificate from Cuesta will prove your value to the workplace and also prepare you to start an online business of your own.

Start by enrolling in BUS 130: Introduction to E-Commerce and BUS 131: E-Commerce--Social Media Marketing. Then enroll in BUS 132: E-Commerce Information Products and BUS 133: E-Commerce Physical Products. Take one more course, BUS 134: E-Commerce Entrepreneurship, and you're done -- you've earned the Certificate!

BUS 133: E-Commerce Physical Products

Learn to source and sell physical products in an online store, and keep customers happy before, during and after the sale. Hands-on experience creating a store!
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