How Do Earthworms Do It?

Created by Veda Velamuri

Habitat of an Eathworm

Earthworms live in soil or dirt. They come out when it is rainy to make themselves more slimy so they can travel easier. Earthworms are also the most common worms that live in a lot of soils and grass.

Adaptations of an Earthworm

Structural adaptation is the adaptation to physical changes. An example of structural adaptations are the hairs on an earthworm's body that help it move in the soil. Earthworms only have a long snake like body, so they have to adapt to living like that and slithering in the soil or dirt. Behavioral adaptation is being able to adapt to your surroundings. Earthworms only react to vibrations in the ground so that is how they adapt to their surroundings.

Life Style of an Earthworm

The earthworm has no hearing or seeing senses. All it can do is feel the vibrations on the ground. The movement they make are the response to the vibrations. The earthworm also has 5 hearts, but its system is not as complected as ours. For moving, the earthworm uses its little hairs on it(setae). They squeeze and let go to move in the soil.

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