civil rights movement

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All about rosa parks


BY Ashlyn B. and Mary Alice


You are going to be learning about Rosa Parks

Rosa was born February 4th 1913 in Tuskegee Alabama. her full name is Rosa Louise McCauley, her mom and dad's name is Leona and gave her calling her mom was a school teacher and her dad the carpeter. Rosa has a younger brother named Sylvester. Her parents separated when she was young, her and her brother went with their mom they live on their grandparents Farm in Pine Level. Rosa went to it to a local school for African-Americans. Her mama Was the teacher at the school was his mother wanted Rosa to go to high school, but that was hard for African Americans, think she went to ASU Teacher's College in order to try and get her high school diploma.then she met the right man parts right it was a successful Barber who work in Montgomery been married a year later in 1932 , Rosa started the Montgomery Bus Boycott, so she decided not to get off the bus so the police came to us so all the African American society to not ride the bus ,and the bus driver lost money because of the boycott. Rosa Parks once said each person must live their life as a model for others.

Rosa parks and martin luther king jr

Martin luther king jr and rosa parks are one of the two pleople who helped us have civil rights and they died for us

this is our biography

Martin luther king jr

Martin luther king helped us get cilvil rights and what he did to help was is that one day he said a speech it was that some day he hopes is that when he dies soon black whites and colored will be together and everybody got that same thing and after he said his speech he had gotten arrested for his speech because not every body wanted and so then the whites had all the fancy and the colored and got all of the broken down and the nasty stuff but now we all have the same thing and so when he was about 16 he worked at a church