Certificated Substitute

Tonasket School District

Becoming a Certificated Substitute

If you have experience working with children, we invite you to apply to Tonasket School District to work as a Certificated Substitute.

Will there be training?

Yes, the Tonasket School District will provide training for Substitutes at time of hire.

How much will I be paid?

Certificated Substitute salary schedule can be found on the district website's Employment tab under Benefits & Salary Schedules:

How do I apply to become a Certificated Substitute?

The steps to becoming employed as a Certificated Substitute are outlined below.

  1. Contact the Tonasket School District Office to check the availability of substitute positions.
  2. Contact the district office for a certificated application.
  3. Submit the application back to the district office. Please indicate in your letter of interest that you are interested in working as a certificated substitute and your experience working with children in grades kindergarten through grade 12. This experience can be paid or volunteer experience.
  4. An interview will be set up for you with a district administrator. It is upon their recommendation to hire you as a substitute.
  5. 5. Once approved by a district administrator, speak to the district office about completing a fingerprint background check to submit to OSPI: http://www.k12.wa.us/ProfPractices/fingerprint/Procedure-Fees.aspx. Fingerprints will be valid for all school districts in the state of Washington.
  6. You cannot work until the district receives your fingerprint background check results.
  7. You will then receive a contact from the district office regarding scheduling an appointment to complete hiring paperwork and orientation.